Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buffet di bulan Ramadhan

Ramadhan is a month in the Muslim calendar.
It is a duty for all Muslims to fast during Ramadhan.
The Qur'an says that during this month, forgiveness from Allah is abundant as this is the month that the Qur'an descended from the heavens.

In Malaysia, Ramadhan is a month of festivities.
From the early Iftar (sahur as they call it here) and the break of fast,
the fasting and Tarawikh prayers call for Muslims to guide their soul to the path of Allah.
It's a Holy month.

But are we Muslims and Malays following the right path?
When Ramadhan comes, so does the Bazaar and hotel buffet begins.

What's wrong with this?
I'll tell you. Let me unravel the situation so that we may learn from this explanation.

Why is it, that after a whole day of fasting,
Malay Muslims tend to be controlled by gluttony at the Bazaar and the Buffet?

Why is it, that hunger led us to gluttony?
Often when you wander in buffets, the Malays will line up hastily and grab everything until the plate is full of all sorts of delicacies. And then, they will gobble up everything and leave back 1/4 portion of the plate to be thrown away.

I find this annoying. Especially in Ramadhan.

I find the gluttony displayed by my kind too despicable and too shameful.
It is an act that the large majority of my people specialize in during the break of fast.
What with all the chomping while eating and hasty attitude when lining up,
these people should benefit from etiquette lessons.

Please, enjoy Ramadhan and curb our gluttony, my fellow Malay Muslims.
We're Muslims, not pigs.


Remaja Melayu bajet elit dan cliche mereka.

1. Status Facebook akan sentiasa dalam bahasa English dan selalunya
berbunyi seperti orang takkan dapat paham mereka.
Biasanya excerpt dari lirik lagu dan juga apa2 yang dapat menunjukkan mereka pandai.

2. Semuanya ada falsafah2 masing2 dalam hidup tapi tak berlandaskan Islam?

3. Akan mengejar materialism dan hanyut dalam alunan music/clubbing/ trend

4. Semuanya bercakap pasal diri mereka

5. Tak rajin berbahasa ibunda.

6. Bosan dengan semangat kekeluargaan dan keagamaan.
Lebih rela "hang out" dengan kawan2.

7. Sibuk menjadi "seseorang" tapi lupa menjadi orang yang berterima kasih
pada tuhan dan ibu bapa setiap hari.

8. Nak lari dari cliche Kemelayuan dan sibuk nak identiti sendiri sampai
lupa bahawa semua manusia sama, sujud tuhan jugak.

9. Tak rajin duduk rumah. Kemas rumah? Buang sampah? Basuh berak adik?

kenapa? Sebab apa yang dikejar itu bangang sampai melanggar syariah.

So guys and girls, ingat dunia ini sementara. Kita boleh mati bila bila je. Do the best untuk parents, selalu tanya khabar diorang dan do the best untuk hidup. Nak main muzik, nak menghayati hidup tu boleh tapi ikut la hukum alam dan syariah tuhan.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tone Tone Semitone
Tone Semitone Tone


Rearrange or
Start again?
There's no brakes in this motion,
We'll just go ahead.

In a mess.
Will we take a guess?
Each road is a memory,
So choose carefully.

Stay free.
Or someone's unhappy.
Love is a question that seeks clarity.

Knowledge is all.
Gather the wisdom
And answer the call.

Still alive?
The camaraderie is apart,
But love is in heart.

Brisk and bold.
The lessons of life
may not be in gold.

and so forth.
Time won't wait for us,
And where have we gone?
Disappeared in shadows lost in the mourn.
Rewind the paradox,
and turn 21.
Do your things right,
and love everyone.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tragic sonic

There's a hole in your head.

It doesn't bleed, but critical ideas are flowing out,
venting through the right brain and going downwards to the drain.

What's left of your mind is a mild delirium,
enough to transfer you into a state of mundane monotonous thinking.

Then, you start to wonder.
How in the world great mind thinks?
What makes them tick? What makes them so revolutionary,
suave and sublime that their might ideas moved the world and it's equinox.

Being creative calls for a natural stress free personality that's able to take into account
the observation of the situations that pass by. Each minute, each moment, each details.
To be able to feel and relate that to the world is a gift some possess but many yearn for.

This is the pain of a mind block.
Need inspiration, quick. Help!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jokes and Jests

Alas, a new blog.

What a bummer,
I'm dead in the tracks of technology and I'm catching up to no one.Who would've thought that in the 2000's, the global nation would confide to the internet?In the 1950/60/70's people kept diaries and wrote in a secret black book what they did during the day. At least that kept the personal informations secret and confidential. Shh. Precious little book that you wrote who you had a crush on, who you hated, phone numbers, address, some snot, some doodle and your ugly handwriting.

But with the current advancement in technology, everyone's busy burying their noses deep into everyone's life. The best part is, we share. Our fonts looks nice and readable. It's very organized.The sad part is, oh god someone somewhere, probably a no good naughty someone is keeping track of your daily life. Might even go to your place and meet you, why not? They know where you live, what you do, who your friends are, where you hang out,what color your shit is today etc

Nearly everyone has facebook. I don't coz I'm living in a remote part of Malaysia (never heard of it Mr. White guy? I live on a tree, I wear leaves and sometimes when I'm hungry I eat them so that leaves me naked and cold. But we have broadband here, and I'm using a Core2Duo t7300 Intel, so I'm all good.) Naaah that's not it, I'm just lazy to do it.

I'm dead in the tracks of technology. So now I'm taking the few small steps that I could to catch up with that. First, by having a blog and recollect myself. Maybe in the future I could look back at what I was doing during my youth, at least it's not wasted. Secondly, I'm no caveman. Gotta catch up with this shit coz it's my age. If my prime time means roller blades, fro' and some hairy chest, I'll reconsider very heavily, but this is just blogging. Increases my skill to write anyway :)

All is well that ends well.