Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buffet di bulan Ramadhan

Ramadhan is a month in the Muslim calendar.
It is a duty for all Muslims to fast during Ramadhan.
The Qur'an says that during this month, forgiveness from Allah is abundant as this is the month that the Qur'an descended from the heavens.

In Malaysia, Ramadhan is a month of festivities.
From the early Iftar (sahur as they call it here) and the break of fast,
the fasting and Tarawikh prayers call for Muslims to guide their soul to the path of Allah.
It's a Holy month.

But are we Muslims and Malays following the right path?
When Ramadhan comes, so does the Bazaar and hotel buffet begins.

What's wrong with this?
I'll tell you. Let me unravel the situation so that we may learn from this explanation.

Why is it, that after a whole day of fasting,
Malay Muslims tend to be controlled by gluttony at the Bazaar and the Buffet?

Why is it, that hunger led us to gluttony?
Often when you wander in buffets, the Malays will line up hastily and grab everything until the plate is full of all sorts of delicacies. And then, they will gobble up everything and leave back 1/4 portion of the plate to be thrown away.

I find this annoying. Especially in Ramadhan.

I find the gluttony displayed by my kind too despicable and too shameful.
It is an act that the large majority of my people specialize in during the break of fast.
What with all the chomping while eating and hasty attitude when lining up,
these people should benefit from etiquette lessons.

Please, enjoy Ramadhan and curb our gluttony, my fellow Malay Muslims.
We're Muslims, not pigs.

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